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Introducing The Terrys: a kaleidoscopic burst of energy, creativity, and unapologetic authenticity hailing from the coastal haven of Gerringong, Australia. Born from out of a shared trailer house during a global lockdown, this dynamic quintet—comprising Jacob Finch on vocals, Lukas Anderson on lead guitar, Ben Salvatori on rhythm guitar, Cameron Cooper on drums, and Trent Cooper on bass—forge their path with a magnetic blend of infectious melodies, candid lyricism, and boundless camaraderie.

The Terrys found their muse in their landlord, Terry—a local legend whose name they proudly adopted as their own. From these humble beginnings emerged a musical force to be reckoned with, embodying the spirit of their coastal roots and the relentless pursuit of creative expression.

Their mantra? "Don't think. Just do. And go with your heart." It's a philosophy that permeates every note they play, every lyric they sing—a rallying cry for those who dare to embrace life's twists and turns with open arms.

From the stages of Gerringong to the global airwaves, The Terrys have left an indelible mark on the music scene, with accolades ranging from having three songs voted in the prestigious triple j Hottest 100 to landing their first two albums at #3 and #2 respectively in the ARIA AU Album charts. Their sophomore album, 'Skate Pop,' stands as a testament to their evolution and has seen them burst onto the global scene with heavy support from the likes of BBC Radio 1. Within 6 months, The Terrys EU/UK audience has grown a staggering 330%. Apple Music also voted ‘Silent Disco’ into their top 100 global songs of the year. 

The Terrys delve deep into the human experience, confronting themes of self-doubt, nostalgia, and the pursuit of happiness with unflinching honesty. Yet, beneath the surface, there's an irrepressible optimism that courses through their music—a beacon of light in even the darkest of times.

As they take their brand new live show to stages around the world, The Terrys invite audiences to join them on a journey of self-discovery and celebration. With each chord strummed and each lyric sung, they encourage their fans to embrace the beauty of imperfection, to revel in the chaos of life, and to find solace in the simple joy of music.

So, whether you're dancing under the stars at a beachside festival or finding solace in the quiet moments of introspection, The Terrys are there to soundtrack your journey. With their infectious energy and unwavering passion, they're more than just a band—they're a beacon of hope in a world that sometimes feels lost.

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